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ClevelandWeirdness started around the turn of the century as a place for John & Mary to showcase the weirdness and creativity of Cleveland and its residents. Music and the arts were featured on its pages, which morphed every few years as interests and technology changed.
John & Mary are still watching the weirdness in Cleveland and everywhere they travel. 

About ClevelandWeirdness

On the banks of a lake that's E(e)rie, overseen by a tower that's Terminal, Cleveland is a weird place.200 years ago, it was mostly forest. 100 years ago, it was mostly industrial. 50 years ago, it was a post-industrial wasteland where the river caught fire - but with an incredible creative underbelly, pumping out music and art. 25 years ago, two people from completely different lives had somehow become a couple and a nascent creative team. They began with a website, showcasing their friend's and acquaintance's projects and shows, filling pages with music and reviews. Over the years, as culture and technology changed, ClevelandWeirdness changed too.

John and Mary of ClevelandWeirness have been doing more video, and are currently in post-production on their first feature-length documentary, Follow the Triptik. Learn more in the Movie section. They've released some of the music from the movie on a soundtrack album, links in the Music section. If you like our new logo and graphics, you can get your own in the Merch section. And for something random from the past, check out the Misc section. 


John and Mary have released some of the music from the movie on a soundtrack album, "Follow the Triptik" by ClevelandWeirdness. It's available to stream on Spotify, use in your videos on YouTube, and buy on Apple Music, and most of the other places you get music from!

Merch stuff

We love the logo we made so much we put it on tons of stuff on Threadbare! Hit the button below to go to our merch page there!

Misc: Random section from olden days

Back at the turn of the century, we had dozens of mp3s from our friend's bands and projects. Due to copyright issues*, label "requests" for us to take down an artist's work had to be taken seriously. So we don't have a page of mp3 links anymore. We do have a magic button that will take you to a random page from the olden days that does not have corporations, labels, copyright lawyers, or surviving relatives staking a claim on it. Yet. 

*and the fact that we couldn't afford lawyers

The Movie:
Follow the Triptik

"...a future cult classic!"
Follow the Triptik trailer video

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